On Independence

Hi I’m an Indian.

I strongly believe in individuality, and that a person is a whole complex amazing system, packed in what is externally seen as just a skin of a certain complexion. And to belittle that by stereotyping him/her, for example saying all the people who have the Sun Sign Aries are impatient, seems wrong to me. But just as we are a part of a species, i.e. categorised in some terms, we ought to get categorised based on the community we become a part of or are born in. And although if you are categorised in a group that sounds good to you, like ‘fun guys’, you take pride in it; and the moment you get categorised into something that’s not so complimenting or glorifying, you want to remove stereotyping from the society.  

So again, hi, I’m an Indian. I really want to work toward getting a good job, one that pays really well. You know I want to buy all those expensive products from foreign markets, that awesome car from the German company, I want to take a few trips to see all the beautiful places and people in Europe, and my ultimate aim in work is to get posted to America. I try to get a chance to go work with the under-privileged humans of the society, so that I can post a picture on Facebook. My friends will ‘like’ the picture, everybody will respect me because I decided to go be around and help people who are beneath me. I’m not really into politics. I’ve not read our constitution, I don’t know my rights or responsibilities, my daughter’s rights or the those of my driver; but I love to read, neh study, I have a PhD in some fancy electronics/physics course. You know if my academic career doesn’t work out, I’m going to go for the entertainment industry, become a celebrated comedian by make a joke of my community. I am also a person of high integrity, I take pride in my family. If a person of another religion/caste says a word about my own, there will be bloodbath, or at least a cold war and lots of bias against even a child of that other family.  Gandhiji is as important to me as God. Lastly, I am a girl who likes to travel alone in public transport vehicles, fall in love with a stranger, and sing songs with him. 

That’s how my community would describe me. But if you want to know how I describe myself, here it is. 

I am not really sure what work I want to do, but really, I like work that I can see having meaning to a common person like me. Of course I want to earn a bunch of money, but only enough to keep my family and myself satiated and safe. I want to have pictures on Facebook with a lot of different people, not as my projects, but as my friends. Politics seriously don’t interest me. I’m not the brightest person, but I like to read novels and kids’ science. I will read the constitution anyway, as a responsibility, as a necessity, so that I can proudly, without a doubt, say that I’m a learned person. I don’t take any pride whatsoever in my religion/caste, I take pride in being a good human. I also believe that our armed forces are a little messed up. Those who have the helpers and the subsidised food and alcohol mostly are far away from the front, those who die at the front are those who had joined the forces as the only means of earning a livelihood for their family. But I do respect Gandhiji, and am proud of all the freedom fighters. And although I avoid strangers, for my safety, I am proud of our culture, it’s music, dance, art and colours. 

I am an Indian. Though there’s always room for improvement, this is a category/community/class/stereotype I do take pride in.