Krish 3


  1. Hrithik 1/Rohit gets normal under Jadoo’s influence and goes around like James Bond. Finally Jadoo gifts him this normalcy, so Rohit becomes this smart scientist, but is speaking like Priyanka Chopra in Barfi. What’s that?Image
  2. Kangana Ranaut’s character is basically a chutney of Mystique, Rogue and Shadowcat.
  3. Vivek Oberoi’s character seems like a young and bad Stephen Hawking, again with mutant powers. He can also be thought of as Professor X, with a zoological garden instead of Xavier Institute. But then he has a gang of anti-Xmen, so maybe he’s Magneto.
  4. Krish: tum krish ho
    Kid: par krish, tumhare paas toh mask hai, suit hai, itni saari powers hain, mere paas kya hai?
    Krish: tumhare paas Maa haiImage
  5. Hrithik 2/Krish and Priyanka are Spidey and Mary Jane/Peter Parker. What? Yes that’s right, she’s a glamorous TV reporter who reports the good doings of her husband, the superhero.


  1. Hrithik2/Krish and Vivek/Kaal are basically Thor and Loki.