Another Sunday

Made it yesterday, on Saturday. Really Saturday was such a waste. I was trying to do something useful, but when it comes to technology I’m rather slow and dull. 😀  So I made this by charcoal pencil, my 2nd charcoal drawing. Showed it to my sister, and she asked me whether I had learnt drawing technique from some internet video. Yea! I’m kind of proud of myself now. Not that much though. (Yes I have a patience problem, can’t keep drawing for more than an hour, hence, the crudeness.)

Enjoy your Sunday friends! Stop over at Sunday Sketches for sure.

2012-04-21 23.22.40 (1)

Next one I will try to make in colour. ’till then!




The thing I like about drawing dancing people is the flow, the curve and the freedom. The dancers are moving freely, yet in a contained way, it’s lovely. Here are two of the female dancers, from my big dance collection. 🙂