Things that are/aren’t Right

1. Being non-judgmental: It isn’t right because it doesn’t exist. Do you think highly of people who judge others? I don’t think so. If you dislike someone judging another, you just disliked a person for doing something not directly harmful to you. You know what you did? You judged the other person. Your head said this, ‘he judges others, he is bad’.

2. Being Judgmental: So are you a perfect human-being? Do you even need to answer that? I don’t know who defined ‘perfect’ in this highly relative world. People judge because they have imperfect lives, and they think that by pointing out others’ shortcomings, they can improve theirs, or simply because deep down, they are envious of some aspect of the target person.

3. Being Indifferent: Not being judgmental doesn’t mean you become indifferent, you just have to think before reaching conclusions, and think again before taking an action.

4. Learning from other’s mistakes: Our parents’/elders tell us to learn from their mistakes. This is neither very practical, nor necessary. Some one comes and tells you something/someone is bad, your first reaction would be to dislike the target object, avoid it. But take your own chance in the person or thing in question. Most people/things/events are relative. People differ in different situations. Their behaviour toward you depends a lot on your behaviour toward them. Make your own mistakes.

5. Taking things seriously: We all have lives, and they get difficult at times. Do silly things. Abuse someone, have a fight, break furniture even. Apologise to yourself and any other person who got hurt, don’t go apologising to the world, Society does dictate a lot of our behaviour, but if we start with these little changes, society could be more forgiving, a little chilled out.

6. Not taking anything seriously: So you are super-cool? Great. But sometimes, your coolness isn’t enough for the people around you. Sometimes people notice little things in your behaviour toward them, so be just a little more thoughtful of the other individual’s feelings.

7. Gender Roles: Feminists and others who protest about random things to bring change in the society, have you seen the biology of yourself? Men and women have completely different bodies, we’d all look the same if we were not supposed to have gender roles. Men have big muscles because they were originally responsible for hunting etc, while the women would rear the progeny. But also, we are not in 21st century b.c., and most of the work men and women do today is take a car/bus to the work-place, sit on a chair, think and write. Apart from some professions, none of the two are using much muscle power. So, feminists, go on! 😛

8. Slim and beautiful: This is crazy wrong. Slim is not beautiful. For more details, watch a video/read an article on how our bodies are structured, what they are meant to do, and what role genes play in all this. Healthy is beautiful, and it is not necessarily synonymous with Slim.

All this is super-confusing, articles on the internet can’t mould perfect behaviour, only real life experience can! 🙂


About Little Things


They say find happiness in little things. And this – don’t let little things bother you. Hah! nonsense.

We are taught such contradictory things. I don’t think there is anyone alive, among the billions who are, on the planet earth who is not bothered by little things. Okay, some may get over it in 10 seconds and some in 10 days, and others in 10 months. But little things do bother us, a lot sometimes. They bother us more and for a longer period than we are willing to acknowledge. Society has a huge impact on our behaviour, society tells us to suppress sadness over (seemingly) trivial issues, and we try our best to, and even believe that we have achieved that goal. But if anyone ever did, their life would be perfect, they will always be a bundle of joy, with such feelings as regret, anger, unhappiness over nothing (as they say) as aliens.

But the justification for being able to be sad about small things in front of the world is given here because actually I want to justify happiness over little things. But it is only fair to justify the antagonistic feeling as well.

So all that said, why I talk about happiness over tiny things because I’m a tiny person, who might be capable of great things, but as of now is doing tiny things. The entire weekend was spent (apart from sleeping) reading about someone who read a lot. Then I got a new pencil, my first ever charcoal pencil, so in crazy excitement, I made the following. I know artists are supposed to be patient, complete drawings over days. Maybe that is why I can’t be a real artist, because I think I completed this in about 40 mins. (To those who don’t draw, this might sound like a lifetime, but those who draw might understand, drawing in haste with a new instrument)

People Should Not Have Kids

Some time back I wrote why it’s okay to be the rotten apple of the bunch. Today I write why the main reason for why we live should not be entertained for a few years.

Why should people not have kids?
Answer – I have lived nowhere but my birth-place, India. And two  things quite prevalent here are the great Economic Divide and the Population Explosion.

  1. Birth is a chance event: Whether you are liked by people or not, whether you have a healthy mind or not, whether you are rich, handsome etc etc are all based on that moment where your soul gets randomly put into some foetus, and then you become a part of a certain family and community, where you grow into the adult who will read this.
  2. Birth is a risk: You could be born with a disease or a defect. For all you know, for no fault of yours, you’d be half blind by middle school, or have only one of the two limbs working.
  3. Birth is expensive.
  4. Birth could kill mom: Self explanatory. Child birth kills 77000 women in India each year.

What I suggest — Don’t grow old without kids, adopt. Well I know it’s a process, and it could be tedious. But bringing your own child to life also does take 9 months. Some people wait for that gift from god for years, I’m sure adoption doesn’t take 7-10 yrs.

Why should you adopt?

  1. Don’t let an innocent new soul eat dirt because decades ago some people created shit by dividing the country into humongous poverty and great richness.
  2. That other child whose parents are dead, or could not keep him because of some hardship, also deserves love.
  3. Population is exploding. If you think that you are rich, your child will never face a resource deficit, understand that the still country will, and then the prices will go up, and the great Economic Divide will be widened, it will never ever be eliminated. And the poor angelic soul somewhere will open his eyes for the first time in dirt.

Humans are social animals they say, I think that we need to take a new step from the ‘animal’ to the ‘civilised’. So much love we are capable of having for someone, and at the end of the day, we waste it. There is a child who needs that love. Why do you need to create someone to give that love to? There is a lot a person is able to do, doesn’t always mean (s)he has to do it. I see progeny just as a by-product.

Note: These views might sound too strong, or rubbish or impractical, but the Keyword = Views. This is just how I see it.

Long time No see

It seems like it’s been so so long since I last wrote here. Reading mostly makes me want to write.  Now mostly I try not to disclose too much about my personal life (as is recommended for the world wide web), but today probably I’ll break this norm.

First, I couldn’t write much because I did not have much relaxed time like now to write and enjoy music and other forms of art etc.

Second, recently, for not more than a week, I have tried to figure out what to do with my life. I love Love the arts. But  my mind-set is kind of orthodox. I feel that you need great Heart and Soul and an absolutely beautiful Brain and awesome hands to draw/paint/make sculptures. But I also believe that art is ‘going away from surroundings and reaching within’. But as long as I am alive, I want to be aware. Of both inside and outside. Hence, I need academic learning as well as art in my Life.
This brings me to sharing the fact that I’m also frustrated trying to find my calling, my way of life, the work that I’d do to make a living. All my peers have something in mind. Some are working extensively towards placements, some are bent on MBA, some definitely want to Master their own subject while others want to become a Civil Servant. Me, I am blank. And looking for answers exhausts me. (I do somewhat lack confidence and understanding of my aptitude, for which I plan to seek some guidance, and there is this fact that I loathe what I’m studying now. Believe me I don’t hate studies, but I feel that some brains are not meant for certain kind of information processing.)

And hence, I read, and I found this to be rather interesting (as quoted from an IAS officer’s blog) on how to decide whether the Civil Services is what you want to join. This, though, I find apt for most major life decisions:
“what is your death-bed story? As morbid as it sounds, I personally rate it as the most important question when deciding whether or not (to join the services). When you look back at your life from your deathbed, how would you have wanted to live it? Are you willing to take someone else’s dream and live it as your own, or are you willing to find your own?”


x— and now shifting to a completely different tune —x


I watched these two new movies last week(I watched many movies, I’m talking about only these 😛 ).

One started on an awesome note. It’s a narrative by a girl who died in adolescence due to a tragedy. Loved the concept, the artistic way that it was made in. But towards the end, the story kind of weakened. Also the film was rather scattered, it was kind of hard to see a point, which by the way is never necessary in artistic works, yet, as I said, a story started well needs to be finished well. So this ended up a disappointment.
The film: The Lovely Bones(2009)

The second one now. Okay I have heard people go on and on about how Kristen Stewart can’t show expressions and hence is not such a good actor (as compared to her supposed competitor Emma Watson, both being the same age and being the lead heroine of super cults). I commend her on her acting in this film.(I have seen only 1 twilight film which I do not remember at all..guess how attentive I am.) Bottom line is I liked this film. It did not lack art (though maybe it did not have the same kind do I put it..directorial art) and it was intelligent. Just the combination. 🙂 In fact they have really shown a great importance of art in the film. What do I say, I watched it last night, and it touched me so that I had to write a bit of a praise here.
The film: Speak(2004)
Watching the film also made me think about this thing which I’m not going to write about and bore you. The thought was something about not sharing things, and that’s what I’m going to do for that thought…for now at least.


I Envy

I envy those who have lots of money, and I envy those with a talent.

I envy those with patience, and those who are spontaneous.

I envy those who get great marks, and those with lots of charm.

I envy those who can lie, because in today’s world, it’s something one needs to be good at.

I envy those who are cool. Those who are hot; and those who are sweet.

I envy those who don’t follow, but lead.

I envy those who have a boyfriend, and even those who have nice friends.

I envy people with picture-perfect families.

I envy those with morals and beliefs; and those with neither of these.

I envy decent people and  con men equally.

I envy all kinds of people. Sometimes God just makes amazing people…and sometimes you just feel you aren’t one of them.

haha.. Good Day to you my friend!

First Day of Biology

So here I’m describing, briefly, my first Biology class of class 12. I wrote this whole post on a small paper the size of an average mobile phone while reminiscing about the good old times in the car.

We had got promoted from class 11 to class 12, got a lecture classroom (it was awesome). From the cramped classroom to that one, one where desks were placed on steps, with lots big windows big windows that let in the heavenly sunlight in that spacious classroom (a view of the rain from those windows was equally enchanting).

And what happened in the classroom, perhaps the first day of class 12? The first chapter in the class 12 curriculum was Reproduction (and not only a chapter, if it was a whole unit!). The teacher knew we had learnt a bit on that topic in some previous grades, so she begun by asking questions, she insisted we answer some general questions based on the topic first. And suddenly, the cream of the school, from being bright young students (in class 11) went to being red-faced dumbos!
We were a decent lot you know, and though I’m old and mature now to talk about such a thing with ease, back then, it was our very first class of the final year in school, and such a topic bombarded on you, makes you a bit apprehensive.

Well that was it. 🙂


Well time is not going so good these days, don’t know when I’ll be able to write next. I’m just constantly praying, but here is me posting some pics of the time when things were not as wrong as now. We went for a little farewell treat given by our seniors in the Choreography Society of the college. It was Hookah, food, music, dance, games and talking (and friendly ragging).
Click on the images for a full view. 🙂

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