My Death

  1.  No one should think about death, especially not those of a young age, is what they say.
  2. Live each day as if it were your last. Before you do something, think of the memories you’ll be creating, because it’s all going to flash before your eyes on your death-bed is also what they say.

Point 1 and 2 seem kind of contradictory. What I want to know is whether we should think of death regularly or not?

Do you think of death?
Do you wonder what age you will die at? Or if you were to die now, who will react and how? How will I die? Who will be around me when I die? Where will I die? And what will happen to me after I die?

These questions for you will be answered only by your life. Although, owing to my nature of wasting time in satisfying my odd curiosity, I read a bunch of narrations of NDE i.e. Near Death Experiences by some people. This is what I understand.

Some people do see their lives, like a film, within seconds before they die. Some people were peaceful and happy when they died, they say they saw the brightest white light, which had the sweetest warmth, not the warmth of fire, but that of love. While others just went down a dark, scary path. So some had a white tunnel, while some had a dark well. Some, when they were dead, were still in the room, seeing their doctors, their relatives, their own bodies; while some were in a beautiful place, where they met their kith and kin who were already dead before them.

Now each one had her/his own experience. If all these accounts are true (i, for one, believe they are), then mine might be like any one of these, or a completely new kind.

But when I die, I’d want that film I see to have some content, happiness, hardships, risks, success, failure, perseverance, love, hatred, enlightenment and more, I’d want it to be the best film I’d ever seen. And if I get to meet all the ones I lost in life, I’d want to live to be as old as possible, so that i leave behind less, and get to meet more of those loved ones. And if I don’t really know whether I get the lighted tunnel with warmth or the dark cold well, I will try to be warm and empathetic toward each person in my life, after all, you get what you give.

Won’t you?


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