Meet you with a Smile

I have exams. And I don’t like studying. So I think. Here’s what was on my mind yesterday.

So you know how they say meet everyone with a smile.. Why do they do that? Why should someone smile at us when they meet us? Or why should we smile when we see someone?

3 possible reasons why a person smiles when (s)he meets someone:

  1. We are narcissistic, we see a person smile at us, we like him, because you know, he smiled, that means he likes me, and I, being the narcissistic person that I am, will definitely like him now.
  2. The other person smiled, so that means I am not to fear him. He won’t kill me, i.e. our animal instinct, to be vary of competition in natural selection. So when I know you won’t harm me, I will like you.
  3. Those 2 were the rather obvious ones, my take is this. You don’t like the other person because he smiles at you. What he does is, yes, he smiles at you, hah! 😛 And a smile is so contagious. His smile triggers a smile in you. And Cause-and-Effect go hand in hand. Just as cause ends in effect, sometimes it’s the other way round. You smile, that instills a certain happiness, positiveness, in you. So you become at ease, happy. Now even if you see Gabbar (who took both of poor Thakur’s hands, think how difficult going to the toilet must have become), you won’t hate him, guarantee.
    Bottom-line, the other person’s smile doesn’t do anything, it’s your smile.

So I’l meet you with a smile, not really because I want you to like me. 🙂