About Little Things


They say find happiness in little things. And this – don’t let little things bother you. Hah! nonsense.

We are taught such contradictory things. I don’t think there is anyone alive, among the billions who are, on the planet earth who is not bothered by little things. Okay, some may get over it in 10 seconds and some in 10 days, and others in 10 months. But little things do bother us, a lot sometimes. They bother us more and for a longer period than we are willing to acknowledge. Society has a huge impact on our behaviour, society tells us to suppress sadness over (seemingly) trivial issues, and we try our best to, and even believe that we have achieved that goal. But if anyone ever did, their life would be perfect, they will always be a bundle of joy, with such feelings as regret, anger, unhappiness over nothing (as they say) as aliens.

But the justification for being able to be sad about small things in front of the world is given here because actually I want to justify happiness over little things. But it is only fair to justify the antagonistic feeling as well.

So all that said, why I talk about happiness over tiny things because I’m a tiny person, who might be capable of great things, but as of now is doing tiny things. The entire weekend was spent (apart from sleeping) reading about someone who read a lot. Then I got a new pencil, my first ever charcoal pencil, so in crazy excitement, I made the following. I know artists are supposed to be patient, complete drawings over days. Maybe that is why I can’t be a real artist, because I think I completed this in about 40 mins. (To those who don’t draw, this might sound like a lifetime, but those who draw might understand, drawing in haste with a new instrument)


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