April 12, 2012

Dear diary

I had been quite upset for a few days. It is mostly because I don’t do my work, i.e. study, hence I don’t know anything. It’s one thing to be able to read and write, another to be smart. So what has been happening is that I get unhappy and irritated when I’m in college, I don’t feel like doing any of all the well of work I have, and I get bored in outings. All in all, life is pretty disappointing these days.
So what I did was take a day off from college. And here’s what I did today…

  • Watched Paranormal Activity 1, 2 & 3.
  • Cleaned the floor,walls & ceiling of my room.
  • Cleaned half a cupboard. Here I found some interesting stuff. Some old books and notebooks. Drawings that are though just human figures, but tell what my state of mind was at different ages. Lots of empty envelopes, blank sheets of paper, tazos and a letter written by me to my sister, which she replied to on the same paper. Also lots of greeting cards, some received by my parents, one that my aunt’s best friend gave to her, and others that I made & addressed but never gave out to the respective people, and one given to me by that same aunt, which has music play in it when you open the card.  A doctor’s prescription that I had tried to copy on a prescription paper(me and my sister did that a lot). Some diaries, again blank, though one had some stuff written in it. I also noticed I never addressed the diary before writing. I would straight away start off like, ‘today this & that occurred…’
  • Watched a bit of AFV, then some funny Ellen videos on YouTube.
  • Oh and I also found packets of some compounds we had synthesised in Chemistry Lab, also compound #6 was given to me in the exam. I don’t remember what compound it was, but I have a packet full of it if you want to test.   Cool stuff!
  • Now I’m writing this. I don’t know what I will do next. Maybe I”ll add that later in this article. . and maybe I will share a bit of what I wrote in that diary when I read it. .

Okay, adding some findings here:

The Letter I wrote to my Sister

That outline is actually lyrics of some song

sorry for the bad photo quality

i was in class 3, 8-yr-old

all I remember is that this was a picture in my Hindi book, and before I ever read the book, my sister & I stayed up till late drawing things from it



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