I am so Abnormal!

The first thing that comes to your mind when you realise you have an abnormality is what? Probably this – Why me? And if  you have more than one thing conspicuously odd about you or your life, then for sure, “Why Me?”

How and when do you even realise you aren’t normal? No child realises it as soon as he/she is born. It’s the people who make you realise that you are abnormal. Some people are polite and say that you are different. Well honestly, everybody is different from everybody else. Believe me, you are reading this thinking, ‘ya..this article is about me.’ Let me tell you 99% people who read this will think that, because really, we always believe that there is something massively wrong in our lives, and something always is 😀

Anyway I’m going to just end this now, saying that abnormalities are nothing. No one is Perfect, but everyone is Normal. What we need is a good attitude, toward ourselves and others, and empathy toward all, and joy!


1. I don’t think different  people want either sympathy or tolerance, they just need understanding and a friendly behaviour, like any other normal person. So those who try to be sympathetic or tolerant to abnormal people, please don’t.
2. As I said earlier, we all have our own abnormalities, so judging others for theirs and forgetting yours, a really stupid thing to do. Because you never know, that other person might just remind you of yours! 😉


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