Psycho-philosophy of a Conversation

Talk to me for half an hour and I can tell whether you are an emotionally healthy person or not. At least amateurishly I will try with the help of this new Psycho-philosophical theory I developed today.

This means that I can tell whether you are the kind of person with trust issues, one who tries to be not too close to anyone, not even family, i.e. someone who lies to oneself about one’s own feelings; or the one with good honest relation with others and yourself, one who is true to her/his feelings.

How do I do this? Simple, there are 2 ways to say something, say it happily or with sadness.
People who make a sad face (not deliberately, but unconsciously) while telling about some bad habit, or something they did that they regretted or about any other shortcoming of theirs are the emotionally healthy ones. They are true to themselves, they don’t try often to suppress their feelings.
People who laugh/smile while talking about something negative in their lives/themselves are the one with trust issues, those who always hide their true feelings. Laughing on small sad things becomes involuntary for them, because they are used to lying to themselves. The brain now knows what to do to conceal that sad emotion on a daily basis, even in trivial matters.

In little things that we do daily and which easily go unnoticed, lies are entire truth.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thoughtcame
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 23:25:08

    so true!..anyway its a proven or atleast highly believed thing that people who laugh the most are actually the saddest!


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