People Should Not Have Kids

Some time back I wrote why it’s okay to be the rotten apple of the bunch. Today I write why the main reason for why we live should not be entertained for a few years.

Why should people not have kids?
Answer – I have lived nowhere but my birth-place, India. And two  things quite prevalent here are the great Economic Divide and the Population Explosion.

  1. Birth is a chance event: Whether you are liked by people or not, whether you have a healthy mind or not, whether you are rich, handsome etc etc are all based on that moment where your soul gets randomly put into some foetus, and then you become a part of a certain family and community, where you grow into the adult who will read this.
  2. Birth is a risk: You could be born with a disease or a defect. For all you know, for no fault of yours, you’d be half blind by middle school, or have only one of the two limbs working.
  3. Birth is expensive.
  4. Birth could kill mom: Self explanatory. Child birth kills 77000 women in India each year.

What I suggest — Don’t grow old without kids, adopt. Well I know it’s a process, and it could be tedious. But bringing your own child to life also does take 9 months. Some people wait for that gift from god for years, I’m sure adoption doesn’t take 7-10 yrs.

Why should you adopt?

  1. Don’t let an innocent new soul eat dirt because decades ago some people created shit by dividing the country into humongous poverty and great richness.
  2. That other child whose parents are dead, or could not keep him because of some hardship, also deserves love.
  3. Population is exploding. If you think that you are rich, your child will never face a resource deficit, understand that the still country will, and then the prices will go up, and the great Economic Divide will be widened, it will never ever be eliminated. And the poor angelic soul somewhere will open his eyes for the first time in dirt.

Humans are social animals they say, I think that we need to take a new step from the ‘animal’ to the ‘civilised’. So much love we are capable of having for someone, and at the end of the day, we waste it. There is a child who needs that love. Why do you need to create someone to give that love to? There is a lot a person is able to do, doesn’t always mean (s)he has to do it. I see progeny just as a by-product.

Note: These views might sound too strong, or rubbish or impractical, but the Keyword = Views. This is just how I see it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Puneet
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 18:59:01

    I may less than agree with some of the points you put in “Why should people not have kids?”
    But I couldn’t agree more that we should not bring more children to our over-populated world (it’s almost tantamount to snatching food away from another child), but shall adopt.


    • ev
      Mar 03, 2012 @ 14:17:29

      yes I know I put in some silly points there too, but I strongly feel that a revolution is needed, we need to take the next step in evolution, and adoption is both smart and lovely. Thanx for sharing your views. 🙂


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