It’s About a Girl I Admire

I was sitting in her room, eating at the table. When I closed my lunch-box and looked to the right to get up, I saw eager eyes looking at me. It was a cat sitting down next to the bed expecting  food. It tip-toed in the room and I didn’t realise when. These things can happen only in the hostel. But this story is besides the point.

The person whose room I was sitting in, she’s the one behind this article, the inspiration, as they say.

So you know how people are, they judge, everybody judges, all have their own opinions. I was like that once, but when you are at that other side, you realise how wrong it was. God taught me a lesson it seems, when I was being unkind. Anyway, so when you look at a person who barely manages to pass in school, don’t you think he’s such a waste, wasting parents’ money and teachers’ time? And doesn’t everyone like just the intelligent kids mostly? Lots of people judge such kids who don’t get marks, without ever wondering why they don’t.

Coming straight to the point, I don’t admire this girl because she looks all pretty in her expensive clothes, using beauty products bought with her parents’ money or anything like that; but because of what she does for herself (and for others).

This person stays in the hostel on weekends, on national holidays and on all the days I run home. She stays here to study. She is managing double the number of subjects the rest of us are. She misses home-cooked meal, the warmth of a family, the comfort of one’s own home, just to study. To make something of herself that her parents probably couldn’t make of themselves (I do admit I don’t know much about her family and all). And when she goes out, gives an exam, doesn’t do well in it and people (her peers or the teachers whoever does) think she’s a waste, I know she works just as hard as anybody else, she’s just the right person in the wrong place.

Personally she’s an awesome talented person. One of the most inspiring people I have ever seen.

As Einstein said, you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree (it was on FB). Sometimes there are right people in the wrong place. No one is ever inferior to anyone else! I am not, neither are you.

P.S. I don’t know if she’ll approve of me writing about her, if you read this and guess who it is, don’t tell anyone (esp. her 😛 ).


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  1. cardigrazioso
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 18:25:07

    Hello m7, How are you? Its been long time.

    The saying ‘First impression is the last impression’ does not hold true for every instance..I believe so.

    Yes, we do judge others on the way we see them, and not how they truly are.

    Its strange how sometimes we are amazed to see the side of a person whom we have known for long time..Its true, as I myself have experienced it.

    hehehe yes yes a little secret 🙂

    -Beyond Horizon


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