I Envy

I envy those who have lots of money, and I envy those with a talent.

I envy those with patience, and those who are spontaneous.

I envy those who get great marks, and those with lots of charm.

I envy those who can lie, because in today’s world, it’s something one needs to be good at.

I envy those who are cool. Those who are hot; and those who are sweet.

I envy those who don’t follow, but lead.

I envy those who have a boyfriend, and even those who have nice friends.

I envy people with picture-perfect families.

I envy those with morals and beliefs; and those with neither of these.

I envy decent people and  con men equally.

I envy all kinds of people. Sometimes God just makes amazing people…and sometimes you just feel you aren’t one of them.

haha.. Good Day to you my friend!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. RiverUnderWater
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 10:59:16

    just gotta turn tht feeling into motivation! sometimes it seems overwhelming, but if all the food you were going to eat for a WEEK was stacked in front of you on the table, that would seem overwhelming as well… gosh, i wish i could listen to my own advice sometimes haha!! 🙂


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