Sweetest Tough Person

The other night me and my friend were walking near the hostel gate after dinner. Somebody’s shift got over and that person was about to go home. It’s a girls’ hostel so we assume that everyone who comes in and goes out of it is a female, unless otherwise mentioned. So I joked to my friend that when the gate is opened, we’ll run away from the hostel(girls always complain how their curfew is too early, though I’d disagree). The security guard was sitting there listening, with another woman, or maybe there were two other, can’t remember. The guard told us she’d catch us, and told the other woman that girls these days don’t eat their chapatis, they have no strength to beat her.

The other afternoon I was sitting near the gate all by myself, like I do sometimes, and the same security guard, having seen me come and sit there all by myself for a few minutes, came to me and asked, “कोई परेशानी गुडिया ?”, meaning, “is there something wrong, dear child?”. I said no, she asked me again, then I said no and smiled, she asked whether I was sure, I nodded and she went to check with some girls standing outside the gate.


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  1. thoughtcame
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 11:35:38

    i c ur having a good time in the hostel communicating with the security guards… *bodyguard*


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