I’m the Rotten Apple of the Bunch

While walking today, I saw a tree with young fruits growing on it. . .Do you know why they say a rotten apple in a basket spoils all? Well it’s a true saying. But everyone tells you this, does anyone tell you that that rotten apple is probably the one which helped the other apples ripe in the first place? The tree I saw was a banana tree and I think everyone who ever happened to see the huge bunch of bananas on it could easily distinguish that one banana which already ripened before the others and was now beginning to rot. That instant I had this thought how that poor rotting apple is shown in such bad light, while the truth is that had it not been for that rotting fruit, the other fruits might not ripen as early as they did. Anyone who knows and remembers a little Biology will understand what I’m saying. What happens is that ripening of every fruit has to occur, this is because the plant has to spread its seeds, because at the end of the day, every species on this earth exists with one aim, that is to spread itself, produce its own kind, as they say in books. As the seed is inside the sturdy fruit, it can’t come out till the fruit softens and dies out. The ripening process involves certain enzymes that breakdown the different compounds in the fruit, and all this is mainly triggered and carried forward with the help of this gaseous hormone called Ethylene or Ethylene oxide.

In some one or two fruits out of the bunch, this occurs before the others. And this fruit then produces immense amounts of Ethylene that travels in air to those other fruits and helps in their ripening. But because this fruit is already producing so much of it before those other fruits, the amylases, proteases and all the other enzymes that are breaking down all its compounds, so it finally rots while they, the other fruits, ripen. And if you don’t take it out of the bunch, it will continue to produce Ethylene and cause rotting of the others, hence, it’s gotten rid of.

We can learn so much from nature. What already exist, that which man did not create, is the most intelligent in this world. We pick only what we want to, that’s our perception. That one person who matures before that others, and helps the others mature into their full gracious form is the one who rots before them, and is then loathed and gotten rid of.

How many of you have helped someone (maybe during a difficult situation), made them better people or made their situation better, gone out of your way to protect them and make them look good, only to be shunned when you needed someone? The best personification of this apple-metaphor is that of a parent. Don’t worry if these bad things happen to you, remember, this is the rule of nature…you just have to play along.

But remember this little article the next time you call someone the rotten apple of the bunch.


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  1. thoughtcame
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 09:25:06

    very good… analogy and explanation!


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