Rain Rain Go Away, Let the Shiny Rainbow Come My Way!

I don’t know how many people read this blog, or if at all anybody does, but here I am, giving up my sweet sleep and writing again.

So not many hours ago right this day, I was rather sad, for a mix of reasons. And I was on Facebook (as always). I opened a friend’s page and read their earlier status. Sadly, it was a sad status, they were sad too. And as I looked at the status of a person who is sad because of their bad romantic life, I just shrugged at the triviality of it. Just for that fraction of a second I thought, that was a stupid thing to be sad about. And then I remembered having seen them and talked to them, and I knew that that problem made them as sad as my problem made me, though completely different. And then by the time the second-hand of the clock took a next tick, my thought had completely changed. I laughed. I realised that if that problem causing the same hurt is small, then so is mine. Because at that very moment I also recalled this person who thinks that my problem is not even a real problem, that it can’t possibly exist; and yet that their problem, which I think they are insane for making it a problem at all, is a real troublesome problem. So I think, lots of tiny people have lots of different problems, and really none of those problem is really that big. We all can just laugh them off if we try to.

But yet again, problems are real, everyone knows and says so. Hence, I just view these as rain rain rain moments, and wish for my bright rainbow moment!

[P.S. the rainbow moment will come only if and when you open your eyes and change your perception a little, and work on your part to see it. 🙂 ]


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