Scenery & Fireflies

Ooh..That’s the “Birthday Card” I made for one of my friends. Wrote a glittery Happy Birthday at the bottom later.


And a month back me and my sister helped out with our little cousin’s holiday homework. We were supposed to make a forest ecosystem, this is what it finally looked like.

Happy SS everyone!

About the fireflies, I remember when we were out on a family trip and our bus couldn’t move forward very late at night. All the tourist buses were stuck for while on the narrow road. I was really small. All I remember is that there were a bunch of cool foreigners at the back of the bus, who kept playing music and some kid with a really cool toy that I really wanted to have. 😛 All the traffic was stuck because apparently a truck had a tyre puncture and changing tyres was a task that took time. So as we all are aware of, the weather in most parts of Northern India in June-July is pretty bad, so we all came down on the road and lay there; and at a distance were these amazing little flying dots that shone. That was the only time I ever saw fireflies and it was beautiful.


18 thoughts on “Scenery & Fireflies

  1. Love the creativity in your writing and the card and the 3D orama ~? Anyway ~ great post ~ enjoy the week ` Visiting from Sketch Sunday ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

    My blog is Share the Creative Journey ~ do come by and visit ~ love to have you comment ~ thanks^_^

  2. it wasn’t a tyre puncture.. the road was closed ’cause apparently some trains had to pass and you know the technology wasn’t so amazing back then so they shut it for all the time the trains were suspected to the trains here in India are never on time.

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