Family Portrait

The pattern of family lives in this world is that most parents are just trying to fulfil their dreams through their kids. Almost all people say, “I couldn’t have this or that growing up, and I’m going to provide that to my kids” or “My childhood was painful and troublesome, so I’m going to give a better childhood to my children”. Now I’m old enough to understand my life, and to some extent, understand those of the others’ I see. My observation – while some people do succeed in doing that, colouring a better family portrait for their kids than what they had, and I salute them, because it isn’t easy-going through difficulties all your life and still be patient enough to give a good life to somebody else; most people just fail. I say just one thing (unless you have super discipline and a wonderful life partner), ‘You are going to give to your children what your mother gave to you.’ Mother here can also be father or both parents/guardian. Sometimes you might think that you are doing better, but try to see through a third party’s viewpoint, then you’ll know.


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