When you are small you think that elders, neigh your parents, can do anything. They can cook sweets and make Santa come to you, and they can do…something…to make all your diseases and pains go away (as a perpetually sick kid, I had strong belief in the latter, though I did believe in the former too). When I was young and got sick, I would say to my mother, “mumma do something, make me okay”, and thought that daddy’s hand on my forehead would somehow erase the pain and discomfort. I still remember when the doctor gave me injections and told me told hold on to my father’s hand.

With time, I have grown. I’m not a baby, not a child, not even an adolescent any more. I’m an adult, and as far as I understand, we could try all we want, but no matter how old we grow and mature we get, there would still be times when we’d just disappoint people (and as circumstances get harder, chances are that we’d be a bigger disappointment in adulthood than in childhood).

But I’m in no way implying that believing that parents are God (even when you haven’t yet heard the term ever in your fresh life), i.e. they can do anything for you. I say hold on to your beliefs, let your kids hold on to this belief, because nothing is as good as an external comfort to the mind, even if it false. Doesn’t a simple “It’ll be all right” from your mother/father/friend etc. relax you so much? Of course it does, no matter how mature and practical you may be. And at the end of the day, doesn’t some great power bless kids with parents who’d do any thing for them (mostly).


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