First Day of Biology

So here I’m describing, briefly, my first Biology class of class 12. I wrote this whole post on a small paper the size of an average mobile phone while reminiscing about the good old times in the car.

We had got promoted from class 11 to class 12, got a lecture classroom (it was awesome). From the cramped classroom to that one, one where desks were placed on steps, with lots big windows big windows that let in the heavenly sunlight in that spacious classroom (a view of the rain from those windows was equally enchanting).

And what happened in the classroom, perhaps the first day of class 12? The first chapter in the class 12 curriculum was Reproduction (and not only a chapter, if it was a whole unit!). The teacher knew we had learnt a bit on that topic in some previous grades, so she begun by asking questions, she insisted we answer some general questions based on the topic first. And suddenly, the cream of the school, from being bright young students (in class 11) went to being red-faced dumbos!
We were a decent lot you know, and though I’m old and mature now to talk about such a thing with ease, back then, it was our very first class of the final year in school, and such a topic bombarded on you, makes you a bit apprehensive.

Well that was it. 🙂


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  1. thoughtcame
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 22:10:12

    I sure do remeber that! And about the rains, remember Oze gave us time to look at it in the middle of the class unlike some dumb people who assume u ignore that sudden and awesome change in weather and look at their dull faces and listen to their not so dull talks…


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