Life Lessons Learnt..the Hard Way

Lessons that I have learnt in life, the ‘Hard Way’:

  1. Don’t try to solve the problems of the one you care about.
    I know seeing them in trouble breaks your heart, but don’t do it, don’t try to get them rid of it. If you’d listen to me, I’d say don’t even try to console them at the time they are disappointed and angry.
    Reason: They have just Lost, and they will take out the frustration on You.
    And if you are anything like me, trying to “be there”, even when you have learnt your lesson, you could go into serious depression, or even may get yourself some wounds and bruises.
  2. Don’t accept your mistakes.
    Getting straight to the Reason: When you don’t accept your mistake, even superman, with his laser eyes and all, can not know for sure that it was your fault, hence, he can’t do a thing to you. Often when you accept your mistake, you get a punishment more than you deserve(which, my friend, is exploitation).
  3. Do not trust anyone.
    Reason: People have seem to lost their morality with the coming of age. Most people will do shitty stuff to you if you trust them, period. I’m sure most of us have experienced that, so I’m not going to explain that, but if you still want a little reminder, just think of the person who pretended to be your friend to get some favour, like a position in your office/school club etc. or the person who leaked your very personal information.
  4. Don’t do any favours.
    Reason: Then they keep expecting more and more.

And while I have learnt these lessons and more, the hard way, repetitively, I continue to make those mistakes, cuz I’m only human.

But last advice I’d like to give you guys on this post is, Do not do anything you don’t like for earning money. Reason: you’ll be bad at it, there’ll be no satisfaction, and it’ll only increase the disappointment in your otherwise dis-functional life.


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  1. thoughtcame
    Jul 09, 2011 @ 23:35:05

    last line seems more like a rant


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