I Had a Question

Do you realise that people always criticise badly what’s new?  Take a few examples:

  1. From Physics: The idea that all the planets revolve around the sun, instead of them and the sun revolving around earth. According to some people, mostly the Catholic Church, this could not be true. Biblical references Psalm 93:1, 96:10, and Chronicles 16:30 include text stating that “the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved.” In the same manner, Psalm 104:5 says, “the Lord set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.” (This bit of information taken from Wikipedia.) So Ptolemy would be happy, but not Copernicus & Galileo, eh…  “We are the centre of the system!” I guess some people still believe that, don’t they?
  2. From Biology: I don’t know how many of you guys are aware of the fact that there are Americans who still don’t believe in Evolution. Darwin’s theory of common ancestry for most species, including Homo sapiens sapiens, was greatly disapproved by, guess who? The Catholic Church, according to which human beings are a unique species created by God. “We are unique, could not have descended from monkey-like beings, no way!” Well, I don’t know whether the theory of Evolution is correct, or that of Creation, but if you ask for my opinion, I would say something was created at first right, from which everything evolved; and though evolution is a result of changes surrounding  the species that evolves, 100s of species are changing at the same time, hence, I say God brings about both creation and evolution, and that both do exist. But the argument that Creation is solely responsible for our existence in the form that it is today, is completely wrong.
  3. From our everyday life: In our very own city, the metro train was introduced, which of course has changed the way the city works, it has connected so many places of great distances between them, and eased the transport of thousands, maybe millions. And then after sometime, the Ladies Coach/Compartment was introduced in the metro train. Now we all know that a lot of teasing and misbehaviour on the part of Delhi’s males goes on in the buses. This can very well happen in metro trains too, because the vehicle does not change the man. Also, going to work early in the morning, starting your day with intake of a cloud of men-odour in the heavily crowded office-hour train, isn’t really my idea of a kick-start to a day.
    But then there were smart female journalists writing down how women’s coach is not all that good, that young women stare at you, judging every inch of your turn-up, that the older ones hit you to get way in or out of the train, and that the ladies’ children (dude. at least leave the kids alone) make a lot of noise. I guess these smart ladies need to travel long distances by the buses in the office-hour.  Only those who get the privilege of having something can criticise it.
  4. I would tell you what’s the latest thing that the Catholics and various other people don’t approve of, it’s the Gays. Not going into the details, I guess we’ve read enough news and watched enough of TV and cinema to understand the current situation.

Now, Do you know why this bad criticism or disagreement occurs?
I’ll tell you why. This is actually the explanation given by an older Psychologist, to which I greatly agree. She said that people disapprove of and rebel against new things because they can’t understand them. It hurts their ego and makes them insecure, so they want everyone to believe in what they understand.
[For your information, the Psychologist is gay, maybe that is one of the reasons that made her think of finding an answer to this quiz in the first place. And I think she has done a pretty decent job, what say? ]
(Also, I think that in case #3 of this article, journalists just want something to write about.)

Let’s just face it, the world isn’t stagnant, things are continuously changing, and, everything has not already been discovered or invented. There will be new theories based on observations, new findings based on experiments, and new inventions due to the need, we should try to understand them, instead of being all rebellious.


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