After making a lot of mess with colours, I’m back to where I started, Pencils! Easy and lovely.
Here are 3 drawings I made in the past week; I’ll be posting a nice little video further this week, so do check that out too.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C (no pencils here)

I couldn’t see what the others posted last week, but now I’m over to Sunday Sketches to do that!

Also, from now on, I’ll be posting here more often than on my old blog. Though if anybody wants to have a look at that one, here’s the link: About Nothing



Well time is not going so good these days, don’t know when I’ll be able to write next. I’m just constantly praying, but here is me posting some pics of the time when things were not as wrong as now. We went for a little farewell treat given by our seniors in the Choreography Society of the college. It was Hookah, food, music, dance, games and talking (and friendly ragging).
Click on the images for a full view. 🙂

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