Little cousins had come over on one of the weekdays, so a very tired and bored me started drawing along with them, using a pack of tough-to-draw-with colours they got :P. Here is what I drew (which at the end of it made me even more tired, because of the colours of course).

The Landscape


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JuliaChristie
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 21:05:34

    Looks like a cute little cabin in the woods that would be great for a little retreat time! Nice work.



  2. Deanna
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 22:01:05

    I think it’s a cute little sketch. Sometimes playing with plain old crayons is so very relaxing. No fear of messing things up using expensive materials.


  3. EVA
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 22:03:37

    Not sure why the colours are so weird. They seem to work well here. Very pretty!


  4. Tammie
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 22:24:56

    I like the colors, they are alive and the way you used them are dreamy.


  5. Teri C
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 23:05:34

    Sometimes you just need to use what is there and enjoy the journey. It is a wonderful cabin in the woods.


  6. Heather Foust
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 23:33:06

    For some reason I can not see your picture on the blogpost. Sorry!!!


  7. Christine
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 00:07:57

    lovely landscape, nothing like a river running through.


  8. Wanda
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 00:13:54

    So peaceful. Love the colors.


  9. Marlene
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 00:35:39

    I like this sketch, it is peaceful. Sometimes it is fun to just sit with the kids and let our inner child out to play.


  10. Sophia
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 05:46:41

    Hello….glad to have you along. For some reason, I cannot see your artwork. It doesn’t come up. 😦 Please let me know when it’s fixed so I can return and check it out. 🙂


  11. Kristin Dudish
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 18:32:49

    Such a great little hideaway in the woods!


  12. Sophia
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 20:24:44

    Hi! I can see the text, I just can’t see your photo. 😦


  13. ashbeezone
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 19:39:47



  14. ashbeezone
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 19:27:09

    Heyy That’s Lovely …
    Take a look on mine ..


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