Digestive System

Read the first question and its answer in this picture. This is what inspired me to write this post.

Q. Explain the Digestive System.
A. It’s a process that starts with the right hand & ends with the left. 

Someone explained on this picture that in India you eat with your right hand and wipe yourself in the bathroom with the left.

Now this is a great funda, very clean and rather hygienic i suppose, but I’m not sure it is actually followed in practice. Being an Indian native, I should know. Our taps and toilet paper rolls are placed wherever it is convenient, keeping in mind the architecture and plumbing. And really mostly Right Handed people will wipe themselves with the right hand irrespective of the site the toilet paper roll or the tap, and will obviously eat with the right hand too. Same goes for the left hand.

All this might sound a little disgusting, but Indians do have great concepts, only we don’t follow them. The Vedas supposedly explain lots of things medical science is still researching about. Someday I shall read those books. . .


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