The long over-due post finally. I had to write about this Robotics Workshop I attended around 2 weekends ago. It was fun, though the knowledge given was not really worth the price. We were given the component-board, the wheels, the motor, and the codes; so all we had to do is screw the parts together, transfer the code from the laptop to the robot and switch the supply ON. And the robot actually is just a crude version of children’s remote control cars.

It was a fun weekend though, like I said earlier. Spending the entire weekend with friends in a Mini-Auditorium, eating out in college and stuff, not really just attending stupid lectures, but actually doing something, a fulfilling experience for a weekend i must say. 🙂

Robot on my bed

Robot with the power ON

The light sensors


TEDx In Our College

So this weekend and the last one haven’t been as useless as they usually are. Even if I do one good thing in the entire weekend, I feel successful. 😛

Going to write about this weekend first otherwise I’ll forget the feeling. Today we had TEDx in our college. Lots of speakers had come to the college from various parts of the country and the world, and some were just on a soft copy (i.e. a previously recorded talk). I could attend only the last session, here’s a little summary of the lovely event.

1. So the first lady, Dr Isher Ahluwalia talked about economics, which was really boring. And the politics bit of it was revolting. I and social sciences don’t gel well.

2. The next one was Mr. Puneet Sahani, popularly known as The Colourful Hitchhiker. An alumnus of my very own college, he had just flown in from Berlin. He talked about hitchhiking and about his idol. What I loved about his talk was not only the fact that though nervous, he talked about something he loved with full enthusiasm (you could tell he loved it 🙂 ), but because he could get across the reason why people hitchhike. I could understand the spiritual part of it, the feeling that they might get out of doing what they do. He spoke so well, seemed to have so much wisdom, the guy might be in his late 20s or early 30s, but he understood life and the world so much more than the 50, 60 year olds. For example, he explained love and relations, perversion etc; and while he was shaking, a little out of nervousness (because the speakers had to complete their talk in an allotted amount of time) and a little out of enthusiasm, I sat still.

  •  His explanation of love and relationship – “People look for relationship because they want security, I’m very clear about love, the girl knows I’ll be 2000 miles away tomorrow. Hence, I’m not in a relationship and so I can love whomever I want to.”
  •  On perversion – “I was hitchhiking through so and so country, there was this girl with me named C. We got a lift from a truck driver, he had lots of pictures of naked girls and girls in general pasted on his truck, and kept making sexual talks with C. As soon as I put my arm a little around C, for protection, he backed off. Now this perversion is at least visible, it’s not as bad as that in our everyday lives, our homes. While hitch-hiking through different places, I talked to girls, the most of them had…..had been….had been you know touched for the first time by fathers and brothers.”
  •  Then he had talked about freedom while giving us reasons why he hitch-hiked. He showed us some wonderful pictures of himself actually being free, doing what he likes, going places, meeting people, about ‘he doesn’t have a house or a job to worry about, he can sleep anywhere and wake up with smile. He doesn’t need to protect a house; the whole world is his home.’ (all his words)

And after listening to all this made me happy because of all that he had said about freedom, the fact that I related to it, and that he had understood freedom. But his 3rd point, the one about perversion along with the picture of him sleeping on some dirty land on a mat, made me sad. It is because it reminded me how helpless a female can actually be, and that women cannot sleep just anywhere. . .

3. The third speaker, Ms Kriti Monga, a graphic designer. This talk was simply pleasing. She started off with a little background, a bit of personal history that got her into art and design. It’s funny, she did exactly what I do, only she did it a lot, lot more, and she did that in school, so at least in college she was doing what she wanted to. (my friend kept hitting me slightly each time she uttered a line, coz I do the same things, and my friend knows 😛 ; and I even post some of my little artwork on my other blog..) Basically she doodled a lot, and those and more doodles later got her the fame and the big bucks. She told us how her ‘just like that’ entry into a competition actually made it in the top 100 entries from around the world. That entry was a special AIDS awareness thing shoe design for Converse, yes the company, and finally there were limited edition Converse, with her art on them! In another incident, she had been doodling away a song by Pink Floyd, posted it on Facebook later, got many many likes. Finally the writer-singer of the song saw it, wrote a mail to her appreciating her work, saying it was the best fan art, and how he’d definitely preserve it etc. Imagine. This is the person I’d probably like to do internship for/under. Pretty cool. 🙂

4. There were two videos, one of an old gentleman trying to revive classical music. He is a Musical Conductor, some Mr. Ben. Even played some piano for the audience. Lots of enthusiasm in him, a good leader. Over all a nice video. The other one was about a guy, Mr. Salman Khan, who started this e-learning site, a little too boring. The last speaker was good too. A farmer from Harayana, India-rickshaw puller-inventor of great machines. A little long, and a little machines and instrumentation related, the obvious why reason I got a little bored (these engineering subjects frustrate me, long story).

All in all, a day that started very bad, but ended up being alright, because look back into the day, I danced a bit, attended TEDx, met with friends, played someone else’s guitar a bit, and drove home at night in the Rain. Yay!

Puneet-The Colourful Hitch-hiker


Little cousins had come over on one of the weekdays, so a very tired and bored me started drawing along with them, using a pack of tough-to-draw-with colours they got :P. Here is what I drew (which at the end of it made me even more tired, because of the colours of course).

The Landscape

Digestive System

Read the first question and its answer in this picture. This is what inspired me to write this post.

Q. Explain the Digestive System.
A. It’s a process that starts with the right hand & ends with the left. 

Someone explained on this picture that in India you eat with your right hand and wipe yourself in the bathroom with the left.

Now this is a great funda, very clean and rather hygienic i suppose, but I’m not sure it is actually followed in practice. Being an Indian native, I should know. Our taps and toilet paper rolls are placed wherever it is convenient, keeping in mind the architecture and plumbing. And really mostly Right Handed people will wipe themselves with the right hand irrespective of the site the toilet paper roll or the tap, and will obviously eat with the right hand too. Same goes for the left hand.

All this might sound a little disgusting, but Indians do have great concepts, only we don’t follow them. The Vedas supposedly explain lots of things medical science is still researching about. Someday I shall read those books. . .

Élan vital

Well my first post here on my wordpress blog is the explanation of the blog title. The dictionary meaning is as follows:
elan vital – (biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms.
Élan vital means ‘vital impetus’ or ‘vital force’.
So this is actually an evolution for me, as i move from the very easy Blogger to a fairly complicated WordPress. I don’t really know what the force behind that was, i’m hoping this blog would help me figure out.
A nice day to the person who read this!