90s Bollywood Choreography…an evolutionary question mark

Bollywood always inspires me by being absolutely ridiculous. You can experience something truly enriching and still not talk about it twice, but it's impossible not to share something ludicrous. Picture this: A lady clad in a saree, dancing maniacally, swinging her pallu 180o/270o/360o. A gent standing there clad in the following – chest hair, shirt, 3-piece suit, … Continue reading 90s Bollywood Choreography…an evolutionary question mark


Ego: the self-preservation instinct

A conversation with a colleague made me think, wouldn't corporate world be so much better, and the work easier, if we all could concentrate on the work, not having to worry about whether something we do would hurt some egos. In fact, corporations aren't at all about making sure no one feels bad, if that … Continue reading Ego: the self-preservation instinct

Why does unhealthy food taste so good?

This may be a short half-baked theory, but my dough is multi-grain; meaning that there's some thought behind my explanation, so read on... As someone who has read Freud and doesn't entirely disagree, I recollect him claiming this about addictions, "A mouth that doesn't have another to kiss, becomes addicted to that cigarette" (I may … Continue reading Why does unhealthy food taste so good?

How I can like a person I dislike – My Inner Thought Process

Every time I think I dislike a person, I remind myself why I shouldn't. Why I should try to like that person: There are more than 7 billion people on earth and the number of people I'd have meaningful relations or social interactions (meaningful enough for them to bother me) in my whole life will be … Continue reading How I can like a person I dislike – My Inner Thought Process

Krish 3

Pre-interval... Hrithik 1/Rohit gets normal under Jadoo's influence and goes around like James Bond. Finally Jadoo gifts him this normalcy, so Rohit becomes this smart scientist, but is speaking like Priyanka Chopra in Barfi. What's that? Kangana Ranaut's character is basically a chutney of Mystique, Rogue and Shadowcat. Vivek Oberoi's character seems like a young … Continue reading Krish 3